I’m often asked for my best social media profile tip. While there are hundreds of great tips to choose from this is the one which will save you the most time. It’s quick and easy to do and it keeps things nice and simple for you, your clients and prospects. A definite win-win!

When setting up your profiles on social media do your best to get the same name across all platforms if you can. It makes it so much easier for people to find you. Whether you use your company name or your own name for your branding try to use it across all platforms. For example if you are miracleworker on Twitter then be miracleworker on Facebook and Pinterest as well. You can use online username checking tools such as Namechk or KnowEm to see what names are available on multiple platforms in one foul swoop.

It all comes back to being consistent and looking professional. Consistency helps your followers to find you quickly and easily and to avoid confusion. It’s little things like this that the influencers always get right. I challenge you to prove me wrong on this statement! 😉

Of course, it’s not always that straightforward. In a case of do what I say, not what I do, I have to confess that I have been unable to follow this rule exclusively as miracleworker was not available (i.e. it was already being used) on a number of social media platforms when I started my business and registered the business name in Australia. In addition I started my business as a Virtual Assistant before identifying my niche as a Social Media Specialist and rebranding from Miracle Worker Virtual Assistant to Miracle Worker Social Media. You have to be very careful when rebranding as it’s not possible to change usernames on some platforms and if you simply create a new account you lose all your existing followers unless you can successfully encourage them to transition across with you. Hopefully this demonstrates to you how much simpler this would all be if I had just been miracleworker on all of the platforms. It wouldn’t have mattered if the nature of my business had changed because the story behind the business name is still relevant (you can read about it here.)

The rule is just as applicable to your personal name as it is to your business name. If you use your own name anywhere make sure you always use the same form of it. For example if your name is Christine Smith, don’t be Christine Smith on LinkedIn, Chris Smith on www.chrissmith.com, @tinasmith on Twitter and CMSmith on Google+. Select the name you use when you introduce yourself to people and use that everywhere. If it’s a common name and not available choose something distinctive but relevant and add that, for example @christinesmith_lawyer.

A little bit of forward planning on your naming conventions will save you a lot of time in the long run. I keep a running list of all my platforms and userids right next to my workspace for fast and easy reference. It also helps to see everything in one place so that any discrepancies are quickly picked up and can be fixed immediately. Better still, it acts as a reminder to stick to the formula of a consistent pattern.

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Robbie Hutchins is a social media geek who survives on a diet of SEO juice, live-stream toast and Google Analytics jam. She loves to implement simple but effective social media strategies. She adds sparkle with her knowledge of branding, copywriting, graphic design and WordPress website development. You’ll find her on all the major platforms.