Everybody wants to create a viral post. With a viral post the whole world will know who you are! It’s like winning the lottery online. You’ll be instantly famous. You’ll get on all the talk shows; have your pick of the influencer’s podcasts. Everyone will know your name. You’ll have great fortune as a result of the exposure. All your dreams will come true. Right?

Why you don’t really want to create a viral post

There are a few problems with having a single post that gets extraordinary exposure. (Stick with me here, it’s important to know this.)

If you’re going to become an ‘overnight sensation’ you need to have a really strong idea of what your business is,  your future vision, and your values. If you don’t, someone else will take control and railroad you into their idea of what you want to do. It also makes sense to have your business firmly established, procedures documented, processes ready to scale and automated wherever possible. If you don’t you’ll never cope with being inundated by interest that your current staff can’t possibly cope with. You’ll want to bring in lots of help quickly and get them trained to do the basic processing work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Imagine having all that interest in your product or service and ending up with nothing more than a giant customer service disaster.

What you may not know about viral posts

Another thing you ought to know: there is no secret formula for creating a viral post. The extent to which a post gets shared depends on a huge number of variables. Some of these include the content, the originating platform, the timing of the post, the extent of the initial reach, how much it gets liked and shared, how much it gets picked up and promoted by other sites and feeds, and the extent it keeps going from there. At any point the level of sharing can slow to a stop. For only a very small number of posts the process maintains momentum to the point it reaches the viral level.

While a post is at the viral level we hear all about it. We very rarely hear the story of how well people or their business are doing 12-18 months later or more. There’s a reason for that. Most aren’t prepared in the ways outlined above. Most have nothing but great memories of their ’15 minutes of fame’.

A much better option

At Miracle Worker I prefer to recommend my clients work hard to build their businesses with a firm foundation and ensure they have the processes in place to deal with steady growth. By implementing a smart social media strategy you can lead a consistent stream of ideal clients to your business, deliver them excellent service, and stay in control as your business builds. Momentum and strategy are much smarter business tools to engage than attempting a one-off viral explosion that can result in a crash and burn scenario. Regularly leading targeted people to your business who are engaged with the content you produce, is far better than leading millions of randoms to a single post who you’re unlikely to ever see or hear from again.

How to measure success

To gauge how well your posts are doing, rather than watching how much reach you’ve had, pay attention to the following:

  • how many shares have you had
  • how many worthwhile comments have you had
  • how many visits to your website come from the platform(s) you’re posting to?

These statistics will let you know if your efforts are paying off. If you’re not seeing any results, you need to tweak things until you do. Often only small changes are required. You just need to find the sweet spot that speaks directly to your target audience.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

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Robbie Hutchins is a social media geek who survives on a diet of SEO juice, live-stream toast and Google Analytics jam. She loves to implement simple but effective social media strategies. She adds sparkle with her knowledge of branding, copywriting, graphic design and WordPress website development. You’ll find her on all the major platforms.