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All writers want to get published so you can share your work with the widest possible audience.

You’re a crime/suspense or YA author who’d rather be writing your next book than researching all the details or managing their own website and social media profiles. Or perhaps you’re on the cusp of publishing your first book but you’re uncertain of how to go about it. Or maybe you just need a helping hand with formatting your manuscript to meet submission requirements.

What can an Author’s Assistant do for you?

Miracle Worker helps writers get published! Whether you’re an established Author or eagerly preparing to publish your first book there are a multitude of ways that Miracle Worker can assist you. With a deep understanding of the writing and publishing process we can make short work of complicated administrative tasks, accurately research critical information for your novel, set up your website or full Author Platform, handle your social media on a temporary or ongoing basis, perform research, locate the best services to help you self-publish.

The best way to consider what tasks to delegate is to think about your personal strengths and weaknesses and delegate those tasks that you hate doing, avoid doing, or that someone else could do better than you. These tasks should be allocated to Miracle Worker. That way you can focus on the tasks that are most profitable for you or that will help you reach your goals most quickly.

Miracle Worker can basically perform any task that can be done on computer or via telephone. This may include transcription from scanned notes, formatting of manuscripts, research on a specific topic, proofreading, objective feedback on drafts, right through to publication assistance, cover design, marketing, appointment setting, social media assistance, and website development and maintenance.

At Miracle Worker we have a particular passion for crime literature - both true crime and crime fiction and young adult novels. Robbie holds a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice through Griffith University and loves to contemplate the complexities of the criminal mind. If you need assistance with research on modus operandi, weapons or other details from a particular period of history or location you can be confident that while you get on with writing, the answers will be forthcoming and accurate.

If you need to establish you Author’s Platform we can design and build a unique and cost-effective WordPress website and offer personalised training to enable you to maintain it yourself. Australian freelance writer, author and blogger Allison Tait has a great blog post on Author’s Platforms here.  We can ensure your social media profiles best represent your style and substance and assist you in building a loyal and dedicated tribe of followers. We are passionate about Social Media and ensure that we are completely up to date with all the latest developments, changes and tools so that you don’t have to be!

Of course the services we can provide as an Author’s Assistant are limited only by your needs, your budget and your imagination. Consider how much more writing you could get done with an extra two hours of uninterrupted writing time in your week while someone else completed the tasks that must be done but prevent you from getting published sooner? What would that be worth to you?

If you have any questions or want to know more, please make contact.