Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementSocial Media Management is now a critical element for most successful businesses. In order to be viewed as a serious contender in any markets or industry today it is important to have a substantial Social Media profile. Even if you have taken the first steps in this direction and have opened accounts on the leading platforms the expertise and time required to maximise your online presence can be a constant challenge. The social media environment changes on an almost daily basis with new releases and platforms and tools. While a lot of online agents offer to manage your social media for you, many do so in a structured, impersonal manner which does not retain the integrity and presence of your genuine voice as the “face” of your brand. Miracle Worker aims to bridge this gap and eliminate the stress of having to deal with the details.

Maximise Social Media Presence

Before commencing work with a client it is important to really understand your business, your goals and your drivers. This enables a thorough review of any existing social media profiles and the creation of any new profiles you require to meet your needs. All profiles are yours to review and approve prior to finalisation.

As a result of this review I will be able to plan a Social Media management strategy whereby ongoing review, maintenance and engagement with your followers on the different platforms can be maintained and key performance indicators established and measured.

If you are actively blogging your blog posts can be posted directly to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ directly from your WordPress website. If not already established, this functionality can be set up for you.

Ongoing Social Media Management and Engagement

In order to increase your Social Media presence and attract more followers there are a wide variety of methods that can be followed. Miracle Worker will manage your various accounts, monitor activity, and respond to basic comments and enquiries on your behalf in your style and tone to ensure your followers feel recognised and cared for and to encourage further engagement. Miracle Worker is also able to advise and assist on targeted advertising using the different platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google AdWords for example) and which demographics they best capture. Miracle Worker frequently identifies and suggests specific opportunities for you to rapidly increase your profile. More details are available here.

Additionally, Miracle Worker can provide an additional level of proofreading and editing for any blog posts, newsletter content and other written material prior to publication. The exceptional English language skills you will be receiving are supported by a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice with a cross-disciplinary major in Media/Journalism. Reading, writing, proofreading and editing are skills I practice and refine on a daily basis. I have experience writing my own blog and I create and distribute my own newsletters using Mailchimp.

If you have any questions or would like to make a start please contact us.